Not-so-fun Fridays

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Do you know that the Friday before a Dr Sketchy‘s session is my most hated day of the month?  Even after almost three years of regular monthly sessions, not to mention the extra events in between, I never fail to wake up on the morning before a session with a feeling of panic.  That feeling will last me right up until tomorrow afternoon when I walk in the doors of 4 Dame Lane ready for set-up.


At that point, I’ll know that there is no more I can do to build awareness about the event, my job is to prepare the space, look after the models, set the lighting, check the sound and when people arrive – whether there’s 5 of them or 50 of them – to make sure they get the best possible Dr Sketchy experience.


It might surprise people that I still get panicked after so long, but as with any business, you need to always worry, always care and never, ever take your audience for granted.


So, I’m off to pack gear bags and finish making set dressings and I hope to see YOU tomorrow at ‘Dr Sketchy’s Dublin ‘Metropolis’!



Feature photo by Kerri Cherry

Poster for our ‘Metropolis’ themed session by me.