Goodall’s Edible Art Gallery at The Doorway Gallery

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As the icing sugar settles and the curtains are drawn on Culture Night 2013, I am one tired Nymph but very thrilled to have creatively directed and co-produced an event that over 2500 people attended! With queues down South Frederick Street and around the corner for most of the night, it seemed that Goodall‘s Edible Art Gallery at The Doorway Gallery was the place to be.  The edible art gallery was months in the making.  Quite a long time ago, inspired by Miss Cakehead, I had mentioned to my colleague Denise Donnelly that I thought her gallery would be really well suited to hosting an edible art event.  When we came to brainstorming for Culture Night 2013, Denise reminded me of my suggestion and asked if it would be something that could work for Culture Night.

Fast forward to September 20th and with thanks to the many artists, cakers, volunteers, staff and crew who made the night possible, I think we can safely call the event a success.

As ever, there was a learning curve, but I’ll write about that more in detail another time, in the meanwhile, you can check out the links to some of the coverage of the night below;

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And over on the Dr Sketchy’s Dublin website, we’ve rolled credits on everyone involved in making the night such a success.

Image by Kerri Katastrophe of Ayelet Lalor‘s Edible Sculpture “I am the daughter of flour and water”/