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Seven years ago my car was hit from behind by a sausage van (ironically I’m a vegetarian!!) and since then I’ve had back problems off and on.  Recently I’ve been getting treatment for a flare-up from my aunt, who is an acupuncturist and holistic therapist.

I say ‘holistic’ but both she and I have issues with the term; it has connotations of being airy-fairy and insubstantial.  Anne is holistic in the true sense of the word; she’ll treat your injury or affliction directly, but also give you tools and information to continue to heal after you leave.  Diet, lifestyle, work, posture, stress levels – all contribute to our health and wellbeing and Anne analyzes everything in order to help you get well.  Another really helpful aspect of how Anne works is educating you about the muscles and tendons, their relationship with each other and how they work so you better understand the source of your pain and discomfort.

Despite working in area for over two decades, my aunt has no internet presence for her business, something which we are now working together to change.  I’m really enjoying developing new branding, business plans and direction with her.

When I asked Anne to send me examples of websites she felt ‘worked well’, it was very telling that instead of sending me examples of sites that worked, she sent me examples of sites that she absolutely DIDN’T want.

In the field of complementary medicine and alternative therapies, there seems to be a precise formula used for websites.  ‘Calm healing colours’, logos incorporating Chinese symbols, lotus flowers or the Yin-Yang symbol, stock imagery of hands holding flowers or touching backs  – you get the drift.


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Myself and Anne are setting out to create a website and online presence that truly reflects Anne’s practice, her expertise and her personality while avoiding all the afore-mentioned cliches.  I’m really enjoying the process and I look forward to sharing our progress with you!




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